Thursday, August 14, 2014

Multistrada 1200 Major Service

This MTS1200 is in for its 30k service, belts, valve adjustment, etc.  Once you excavate your way to the engine the service procedure is the same as for any Testastretta so I won't go into exhaustive detail regarding those items that are common to all 4V Ducatis.  There are a few items that I will point out, some that are unique to the Multistrada.

First is the sheer number of fasteners that must be removed to facilitate servicing.
Second is the cramped quarters while servicing the rear cylinder head.  This area is much more accessible in the Superbike chassis.

On the other hand, the MTS chassis does offer much more room to work on the front cylinder thanks to the taller suspension and the high-mounted oil-cooler.

Here is some advice for those owners who like to change their own oil and filters.  If you install the drainplug so tightly that this happens when removing it, then you're overtightening it.  Buy a good torque wrench and use it.  The same rule applies to the filter, if it takes an extension on the filter wrench (it did) and collapsing the filter body (also, yes) to loosen the filter, then you overtightened it.
If you're paranoid about losing an oil filter, then simply put an ordinary hose clamp on the filter body and orient it so that it prevents the filter from unscrewing.  Do NOT use one of those aftermarket billet filter clamps.  Their design does not allow for uniform clamping pressure around the filter body.  They will actually crush the body AND be loose at the same time.  Just use a hose clamp.

Now let's talk about an aftermarket item that actually does what it says it will do.  Whether or not this is actually beneficial is another story.  FatDuc O2 sensor signal manipulators intercept the oxygen sensors' signal and send a modified signal to the ECU, causing the bike to run richer than stock in the closed-loop portion of the mapping.
As can be seen by looking at these plugs, the fueling is quite rich.

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