Tuesday, March 17, 2015

BMW R1100R 100-Thousand Mile Service

Here is an R100R that recently (4000 miles ago) had the clutch replaced at a local BMW dealership.
Apparently they missed a few things while it was apart and those items will be detailed here.
Keep in mind that until now the bike had always been serviced by the same dealership, at the factory recommended service intervals, which makes what I found all the more inexcusable.

This is the point to which the bike needs to be stripped to replace the clutch.

Starting from the final drive (which is the first component to be removed) we find that the outboard Paralever pivot bearing was seized which caused the inner race to destroy the pivot pin.

This is the outer race from the outboard side.  Obviously both bearings and the outboard pivot will be replaced.

The final drive seal was also leaking and was replaced.

Moving up to the swingarm pivot we find that both swingarm pivot bearings are failed.

The above items are things that any competent mechanic should have checked and found during the course of the clutch replacement procedure.

Since the transmission is out of the bike and considering the mileage, the transmission was resealed and the clutch release bearing, spring and boot were replaced.   BMW transmission seals do not rely on a shoulder to seat against, so they must be installed to their proper depth using a shouldered driver.

The input shaft, note the spline wear at 100K miles

Resealing the output shaft

All of the rubber parts will be replaced (right down to the battery strap) since they are subject to age-related deterioration.  The bike is also getting a set of Wilber's shocks to replace the OEM dampers that are well past their best days.

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