Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ducati 749 15K Service

The air filters in the 749/999, by the nature of their design and that of the airbox, do not have a whole lot of surface area and tend to plug fairly quickly.  The only option is frequent service which, although a bit of a hassle, isn't very costly since the factory air filters in these models are cleanable and reusable.  Don't bother buying ANY aftermarket units for this model since you will only be buying what you already have, an oiled gauze filter element.

These filters had just about 15K miles of mixed road and trackday use.

This same bike also had some seriously excessive clearance on a couple of closer rockers.   The factory specified clearance for a Testastretta is .002"-.010", with .002" being the preferred clearance.
Here we see .014" and .016" clearances.

If you own a Ducati Superbike and ride it the way it was made to be ridden, then scheduled service is a necessity, not an option.

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