Monday, October 21, 2013

Ducati Testastretta Major Service

I thought that some of you might be interested in seeing what is involved in the maintenance of your chosen flavor of motorcycle.  Please note that this IS NOT A HOW-TO article/video.  Several steps are not depicted and I will take no responsibility for your broken motorcycle if you decide that you can do this yourself.  If you do not know which steps are not shown, then you should definitely NOT attempt this yourself.

Testastretta major service in photos and video:

Disassemble to gain access to the cams

Measure clearances

Disassemble to gain access to shims - The jaws of the forceps are specially shaped and padded, also notice the complex tool holding the opening rocker


Everything is cleaned and ready for reassembly, the bolt threads are lubed and the cam caps will have sealer applied at the appropriate places

Measuring the actual shims

These are the half-rings that hold the works together

Shims reassembled

Verify corrected clearance

Install and tension cam belts

In the case of a 749/999, clean and oil the left and right air filter elements

Reassemble, fill cooling system, start and let it reach operating temp in preparation for oil and filter change

There are many other checks that make up a major service such brake pad thickness, bearings, fluids, TPS reset, maintenance reminder reset, etc. but I just wanted to show the Ducati-specific items.
Older Desmoquattros are somewhat similar, Desmodues are not.  At some point I will post the procedure for a 2-valve.

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