Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How not to treat your Ducati (or any other bike)

Here we have a 2004 Multistrada 1000 that the owner brought in complaining of clunking in the chassis and idling issues.  The owner proudly stated that this is a daily rider and that after the first time it got road salt on it washing it wasn't a big deal.  The maintenance to this point had been performed by a combination of the owner and two separate dealerships.

Cause of the clunking sound.  The drive pins MUST be engaged properly, these were not.

A compression check revealed 145 psi in the rear cylinder and 90 psi in the front cylinder.  A wet compression test of the front cylinder failed to increase the reading and the valve clearances were found to be within specification.  The exhaust valve stem did seem to have an excess of clearance in the guide.  Upon removal of the head the worn exhaust guide was confirmed.

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