Thursday, November 7, 2013

T100R engine final assembly

New valve springs installed and the copper rockerbox gaskets are in place.  The reason I'm using solid copper gaskets is that the inner head bolts pass through the rockerboxes and a composite gasket would compress thereby altering the torque on the inner headbolts.

The rockerboxes are secured and the head bolts are torqued so now is a good time to adjust the valve clearance.  Since this is an early Daytona it lacks the access plugs in the sides of the rockerboxes that allow a feeler gauge to be inserted to measure the valve clearance.  There isn't really any room to use a feeler gauge accurately so I set up the dial indicator and used that to measure the valve lash.

Then the rockers are pre-lubed before placing the oil pipe bolts into their holes for safekeeping until the engine goes back into the frame.

The timing cover is installed with a new seal and it's time to move onto the transmission.

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